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Once you arrive in Quito we recommend you to hire a transfer to the airport. An uber might seem an attractive idea but remember that you are traveling with suitcases, family members and it might not be as comfortable as a transfer. Besides, you count with assistance at the airport in case you have problems with your luggage.


Once in Quito you have multiple lodging options and places where to stay. From modern hotels to luxury boutique hotels in Quito downtown, we have partnered with some of them and we can make your reservation easy hussle free and with great prices.


Now you have arrived to one of the few cities named by the unesco as world heritage site. So why not take a city tour?


Quito is known for its architectonic wonders especially in its old town churches. For example the NeoGothic style of the Basilica, the wonderful baroque of La Compania and the neoclasic style of San Francisco. And why not visiting this churches and enjoy some of the local flavor . For example try a quesadilla in San Juan, or participate in the making of local sweets in cruz verde candy shop. We can help you to create your own city tour and add some interesting flavor to it.


Enjoy a relaxing night in Quito and prepare yourself for a galapagos Cruise.


In Galapagos you have two options to visit the archipelago. And in this small blog we will try to clear some deferences and benefits between a galapagos lan tour or a cruise over the islands. We hope we can give you a good idea of the destination and help you to choose the best galapagos tour for you and your family


There are may galapagos cruise companies, most of them are locals and very few ​​which cruise lines that go to the galapagos islands. Most local companies offer you small group tours to the islands on board small ships, catamarans with 16 or more gusts on board. Making of this a luxurious experience in which you will feel that you have chartered a cruise ship for yourself. Larger cruises and international cruise lines  are also available if you feel that what you need is consistent service and a more structured and standar tour. No matter which one you prefer Galapagos Islands is always a experience worth while.


But cruising is not the only way to tour the islands. Island hopping is another option and if you are traveling to the Galapagos Islands with kids under 12 years old and they are prompt to seasickness on board a cruise ship this might be a great option. Many of the galapagos hotels are equiped with pools and you can even hire a nanny guide to take special care of the kids making your galapagos island vacation a kid friendly experience as well for the entire family.


Tours in the galapagos islands can go from 4 days to 15 days it will all depend on your time and budget so lets us know about your plans for galapagos and we can cater  a unique experience for you.


If you are looking for a galapagos cruise for a  solo traveler there are many options as well so lets us know and we will search for the best option for you.


After your galapagos island cruise or tour is finished why not take advantage that you are only a few miles away from the inca city of Machu Picchu and plan a Latin America grand tour to this lost kingdom.  We can easily arrange an Machu Picchu Picchu package including the entrance tickets an Iramb Bingham train.


So either if you fly from Baltra airport or San Cristobal airport to Quito or Guaayquil you can plan a few more days trip and visit Peru. combing two of the most beautiful destinations in latin america Galapagos and Peru.


So our recoemndation to match Galapagos and Machu Picchu is to fly to Guayaquil and stay one night in the city to rest and enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the city. And fly the next day from Guayaquil to Lima.


Once in Lima you can enjoy the high cuisine of Perú and tour the city of lima wiht its wonderful downtown. And rest for a next day adventure to Cusco and Machu Picchu.


Machu Picchu is located 100 km from the city of Cusco and the best way to get to Machu Picchu is by using the Iram Bingham Railway. Tickets for the train and the inca city might be purchased in advance. But why not let an expert do all this for you. We can easily arrange a Machu Picchu tour and a all inclusive package with no hassles and chosing the perfect fit for you.


A mandatory stop is needed in Aguas Calientes. Located in the base of the Machu Picchu mountain this city is a camping place for you to adapt to the altitude before ascending to the lost city discovered by Irahm Bingham in the XX century. Stay at one the many picturesque hotels of Aguas Calientes and prepare for the morning tour to the city of Machu Picchu. take in mind that tickets for Machu Picchu have to be purchased in advance they cannot be bought at the entrance and prices ranges from 45 USD to 56 USD and this can change anytime without notice.


First thing int he morning you can visit  using the inca trail if you are fit to hike the mountains or if you would like your tour to be without hiking you can take the tour bus from Aguas Calientes to the entrance of the archeological complex. Once in Machu Picchu we will already have the tickets for you and your guide will take you on a guided tour of the complex where you can visit the city. It will take approximately 2 to visit the city on the designated paths but the ticke will allow you to stay in the complex for up to 4 hours. in order to preserve the city 


Next you can travel back to Cusco and spend the night before returning  back home.


So if this sounds like a great vacation but difficult to plan just contact us and we will make your vacation a smooth and pleasant experince

Contact us for reservations or more advise on how to visit Galapagos and hu Picchu


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