Starting day: Friday
Ending day: Friday

Islands to be visited:

– San Cristobal – Española – Floreana – Santa Cruz – Bartholomew – Genovesa – Santiago – Santa Cruz –

Embark yourself on a journey filled with wonder, where lava fields extend to the horizon like waves over the sea and snow-white sandy beaches meet the deep blue sea; the water is crystal-clear layers of turquoise. A paradise hidden in between the fog of the South Pacific Ocean the “Enchanted Islands” waits for you.

Share the excitement of discovering a whole new world and the inspiring feeling that led Charles Darwin to conceive a theory that forever changed our understanding of life on earth. And be witness of the impressive capacity of life to adapt and conquer even the greatest adversities. 

Come on board one of the most exciting and inspiring adventures on board the M/C Petrel and enjoy one of the last pieces of paradise on Earth where humans and animals coexist in perfect harmony. 

On our first day, we visit the gentle giants, the old souls that have endured time, and get their name from the islands: The unique Galapagos tortoises.

AM: San Cristobal Island - Arrival

Landing type: Dry landing.

Possible activities: Walking.

Our flight takes us to the small town of Puerto Baquerizo, the capital of the Galapagos Province on San Cristobal island.

Upon arrival we clear the Galapagos National Park checkpoint. Customs agents check passports and the transit control card, after check-in, we enter the islands (If you have not previously paid your Galapagos entrance fee you will be asked to pay on spot, payments are cash only: $100 USD for adults and $50 USD for children under 12 years of age). Please consult rates and conditions before your departure since rates may change without notice from the Galapagos authorities.

We are welcomed by our naturalist guide and staff at the airport’s exit, please remember to collect your luggage from the belt.

A short ride by coach takes us to the pier where we board our dinghies and head to the yacht. A briefing is given about the ship’s facilities, a safety drill is conducted by your cruise concierge and your cabin is assigned. Afterwards, we will prepare for our afternoon activities.

PM: San Cristobal Island - La Galapaguera

Landing type: Dry landing.

Possible activities: Walking, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the second largest town in the archipelago. We stroll in this picturesque town before we head to La Galapaguera, the tortoises breeding center. This project is part of a great effort to restore the number of tortoises in the islands. Here we see the entire breeding process from small eggs to hatchlings. When they are grown, the tortoises are released in a controlled environment where they can be fed and monitored until they reach maturity. As adults, they are returned to the wild to repopulate the islands.

After visiting the breeding center, we return to the yacht and continue to our next adventure.

Meals included: Lunch & Dinner

Española is home to one of the most magnificent marine birds that inhabited the islands: the waved albatross. In this visit, we can see their nesting site and depending on the time of the year we witness their glamorous courtship display.

AM: Española Island - Gardner Bay

Landing type: Wet landing.

Possible activities: Short hike, snorkeling, kayaking, panga ride.

Our morning visit takes us to the beautiful Española island. This is one of the many gems that Galapagos has to offer, from white sandy beaches to breathtaking cliffs, Española has everything to fall in love with. We disembark on the amazing white sand beach of Gardner bay, where we snorkel and swim with colorful schools of fishes and rays that glide along the seafloor, sometimes we spot green turtles. A short dingy ride takes us to visit Osborn islet, an exuberant coral reef that is bursting with life.

An incredible morning discovering the underwater beauties of the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

PM: Española Island - Suarez Point

Landing type: Dry landing.

Possible activities: Hiking, good shoes are required.

Our afternoon visit is devoted to the incredible Punta Suarez cliffs. Upon disembarking from our dingy, we notice a large colony of marine iguanas. Unlike any other iguana species, the marine iguana of Galapagos is the only iguana that can dive in order to find its food. We will find them basking in the sun heating themselves in order to be able to dive again in search of their favourite food: nutritious algae.

The trail takes us to the island cliffs of Española, here we find the spectacular rock blowhole, where the massive force of crashing waves sends an impressive column of water several feet up into the air.

Punta Suarez is full of surprises. During the hike, we find one of the most magnificent birds that dwell in the Galapagos Archipelago, the spectacular waved albatross. With a wingspan of over 6.5ft this bird is one of the most beautiful. Depending on the season, you could see them building their nests, performing their courtship ritual or taking care of their chicks. The waved albatrosses are one of the many incredible animals we can see in Galapagos.

After this amazing visit, we return to our yacht and set sail to our next destination: Floreana Island.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

A canvas painted with all the colors of the rainbow, Floreana will dazzle you with its amazing landscapes, intriguing human history, and vibrant colors.

AM: Floreana Island - Cormorant Point & Devil's Crown

Landing type: Wet landing.

Possible activities: Hiking, panga ride, snorkeling.

We take the dinghy to the bright-green colored sand beach of Cormorant Point. Cormorant Point will dazzle us with its unique coloration. On the beach, we find a small trail that leads us to the inner saltwater lagoon of Floreana, where several great flamingos feed from the crustaceans that live there. Green sands, bright pink feathers, and turquoise waters create a spectacular view.

Our next site is the Devil’s Crown. Protruding from the peaceful ocean waters, this circular formation of pointy rocks creates the perfect refuge for tropical fish, rays, sharks and corals making this the absolute best site for snorkeling in the archipelago. Our pangas take us close to the diving site and we start snorkeling in the inner part of the formation. Some white tip reef sharks make their appearance as well as manta rays and many other denizens of the deep.

We return to our ship before setting sail to our next destination.

PM: Floreana Island - Post Office Bay – Baroness Lookout

Landing type: Wet landing.

Possible activities: Hiking, kayaking, panga ride, snorkeling.

Our last visit of today is Post Office Bay, a place where a hundred-year-old tradition continues with the help of guests from all over the world.

With no official post offices and hundreds of miles away from home, sailors in the XVIII century devised an ingenious way to communicate with their relatives and friends back home. A wooden barrel was placed in the bay and inside, the sailors would leave their mail addressed to the intended recipient. A fellow crew member returning home would check the mail and the men that were heading to the same destination would take the letter and deliver it personally to its addressee. This honor system would help sailors to communicate with their loved ones for many years, and today you have the opportunity to continue this tradition. Deposit a letter or postcard to a relative of yours in the wooden barrel, and if you can take one or two letters back home and send them to their intended recipient, it would be highly appreciated by those who left them.

We return to the boat and relax for the night.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Charles Darwin’s voyage inspired many others to study and comprehend the complexity of the natural habitats. In this visit we will learn more about their research and efforts to preserve this unique ecosystem.

AM: Santa Cruz Island- Charles Darwin Research Station

Landing type: Dry Landing.

Possible activities: Walking.

The Charles Darwin research station was established in 1964 in order to provide the scientific community with resources to conduct their research and support the conservation efforts carried out by scientists from all over the world.

One of the most iconic conservation programs carried out by the Charles Darwin Foundation is the breeding and care of the Galapagos tortoises. We visit them in all their stages, from small eggs and hatchlings that can fit in the palm of your hand, to the 400 pound gentle giants that gave its name to the islands.

PM: Santa Cruz Island - Highlands

Landing type: Dry landing.

Possible activities: Walking, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

The Galapagos Islands are filled with surprises and the highlands of Santa Cruz are one of them. The presence of the now extinct volcanic cones, that once gave birth to the island, have created unique and complex ecosystems among them, the cloud forest of the highlands. Hidden in the mist, this exuberant forest is the home of giant Galapagos tortoises, colorful birds, and hundreds of plants that give a unique touch of green to the slopes of the now extinct volcanoes. We hike with our guide, discovering this buoyant habitat, and then we head to the town of Puerto Ayora where we board our yacht and continue our adventure.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Be witness to the untamed force of nature, how rivers of lava once ran freely over the young surface of the island creating mesmerizing patterns and shaping what is now one of the most beautiful places on earth.

AM: Santiago Island - Sullivan Bay

Landing type: Dry Landing.

Possible activities: Hiking, snorkeling, swimming.

Early in the morning, we visit the Santiago Lava Fields on Sullivan Bay. We walk over dry rivers of lava and look at the hypnotic swirls of lava that have left their mark on the island’s surface. A very curious formation of lava is present in Sullivan bay, the Pahoehoe lava: a ropelike pattern left by the cooling process of the melted rock. This moon-like landscape is a unique sight indeed. 

Sullivan Bay’s lava fields are not the only attraction of the island, a beautiful beach with turquoise waters lays before you. Here you will be able to enjoy snorkeling in its tranquil waters and swim along schools of colorful fishes, where sometimes rays and penguins come along.

PM: Bartholomew Island- Pinnacle Rock

Landing type: Dry Landing.

Possible activities: Hiking, snorkeling, panga ride.

A red sandy beach is ahead of us in Bartholomew Island, our afternoon stop. We disembark and take a staircase to a lookout point from where we see one of Galapagos most iconic landscapes, the Pinnacle Rock. Be ready for a spectacular photo session from the platform overlooking this iconic bay and its amazing scenery. 

After our photoshoot, we prepare for some snorkeling at the bay. Pinnacle Rock is the perfect place to see the exuberant marine life of the Galapagos, the underwater formations have created intricate mazes, perfect for corals and fish to settle in and protect themselves from predators and marine currents. Bursting with a million colors, the underwater world of the Galapagos Islands is one of the most fascinating places you visit during your cruise of the Archipelago. 

We return to our yacht for a relaxing afternoon and set sail to our next destination.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Located in the northern part of the Archipelago far away from human intervention, Genovesa is a safe haven for marine birds. A dream come true for all bird enthusiasts.

AM: Genovesa Island - Darwin Bay

Landing type: Wet Landing.

Possible activities: Snorkeling, walking, kayaking, panga ride

One of the most pristine islands in the archipelago, Genovesa is a sanctuary for many marine birds, especially for red-footed boobies whose largest colony is settled here. We disembark at Darwin Bay. From its white-sand beach we are able to spot nests of nazca bobbies, blue-footed boobies, and perching in the close by mangrove, red-footed boobies.  We walk following a trail that brings us deep into the island to an amazing lookout from where we will be able to appreciate the astounding beauty of Genovesa. 

After gazing at the magnificent cliffs of the island, and the quiet Pacific Ocean that surrounds it, we head back to the yacht and set sail to our next destination. 

PM: Genovesa Island - El Barranco, Prince Phillip's Steps

Landing type: Dry Landing.

Possible activities: Hiking, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

At first, the ravine that rises before our eyes seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, but a close exploration on board the pangas (dinghies) reveals a series of steps within the ravine that lead to the top of this magnificent formation. We will climb these steps as Prince Phillip did when he visited the islands in 1965. The steps take us to a trail that leads to a palo santo forest. During our hike, we are able to see the nesting sites for boobies and other bird species. 

After our hike, we return to the yacht and enjoy the comfort of the facilities onboard.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

A beautiful white-sand beach is ready to welcome you to Santiago Island. Be ready to cross over natural bridges and discover the abode of the Galapagos fur seal.

AM: Santiago Island- Puerto Egas

Landing type: Wet Landing.

Possible activities: Hiking, snorkeling.

After disembarking at Puerto Egas, you notice in the horizon an old abandoned building. This building was once part of a salt mining undertaking by Humberto Egas, hence the name of the port. Nowadays, some rusty equipment and ruins are all that remain from this early attempt to colonize Santiago (James) Island. 

We disembark and start the adventure walking from the black sands of Puerto Egas to the volcanic formations known as the grottos. Small ponds that have formed over the years are now home for sea lions, marine iguanas, and the unusual Galapagos fur seal. At first glance they are not very different from sea lions, the keen eyesight of your guide will help you to spot the difference between these two species. 

We return to our yacht to enjoy a delicious lunch and to get ready for our next visit

PM: Santiago Island - Espumilla Beach , Buccaneer’s Cove

Landing type: Wet Landing.

Possible activities: Snorkeling, swimming, panga ride.

In the afternoon, we disembark on the small beach of Espumilla, named after the white foam that forms at its shore. This paradisiacal beach gives us the opportunity to snorkel in turquoise waters surrounded by colorful fishes and swim along the magnificent green marine turtles. Espumilla is one of the predicted nesting sites for the green marine turtles, so we might be able to spot their nests. Be observant and pay close attention to your guide, you could take a unique memory back home. 

Our next destination is Buccaneer’s cove. An anchorage point for some of the fiercest pirates of the Pacific Ocean, this protected cove was the perfect place for buccaneers to resupply their ships. We snorkel in this cove and discover the underwater world that is hidden below. 

We return to the yacht and prepare for our last day.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The calm waters of the Pacific Ocean will give us a farewell after our visit to Punta Carrion.

AM: Santa Cruz Island - Punta Carrion, Baltra airport

Landing type: No Landing.

Possible activities: Early Dinghy ride.

Before we depart to Baltra Island airport, we visit Punta Carrion, home to white tip sharks, rays and many colorful fishes. We take a dingy ride to visit this small cove and enjoy the wonderful views of the island and the Itabaca channel. 

After our panga ride, we transfer to our ground transportation to the airport, the guide and a member of the crew will assist you during the check-in process and accompany you to the security gates, they will say goodbye and wish you a safe trip back home. Please remember to show your transit control card when requested.

Meals included: Breakfast.